When you write a negative review of Eco Flower they’ll come after you

It’s been three months since I wrote my opinion piece, Why Eco Flower might be the greatest ‘Shark Tank’ disaster of all time and boy has life gotten interesting!

My intention in writing that post was not only to share my personal experience with the company, but also to create a platform for the thousands of other angry Eco Flower customers to express their frustrations & share their stories. Of course, I wasn’t expecting every response to it to be a positive one — there are always two sides to every experience. And I am truly happy for those customers of Eco Flower who have had positive experiences with ordering from the company.

Now, what I wasn’t expecting was to be harassed by a JW Capital executive after writing my post.

To be honest, I contemplated writing this post for a few weeks. I wasn’t sure what the best course of action would be to take against the harassment. After talking to my family and friends, I decided that the best thing I could do is put words to screen, because not making his actions public knowledge, I’m not only giving him power over me but also allowing his bad behavior to go unchecked and unknown.

After I published Why Eco Flower might be the greatest ‘Shark Tank’ disaster of all time I received quite a few comments on it within the first day — almost all were from other disgruntled customers, expect one:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.21.51 AM

Now, that comment isn’t bad and honestly, I wasn’t surprised by it. Heck, I even responded hoping to open up a discussion that could possibly show that he gave a crap about me as a customer…but of course my response went unanswered. Soon, countless other customers also replied to this executive’s comment demanding answers and giving their feedback. In mid-June, he came back to the post to write another comment:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.22.11 AM

Points 1, 2, and 3 I could give a crap about because they are items of interest that are rather well, uninteresting. But point number 4, really pissed me off.

Once and for all, I have never been paid to write a single article on my blog. Every single word is from my mind, no one else’s. Every single word is my opinion, no one else’s. My opinions are no reflection of my family, my friends, my employers — past or present — or even my cats for that matter. Capeesh?

Now that that’s clear, or at least clear to those who don’t live in a delusional world…

Point 5 is not my place to address as it does not directly involve me, but I will say that since I don’t have access to this police report at the time of this writing, I am going advise readers to read point 5 as the following: “Some of Meagan’s friends have allegedly threatened violence against other employees, owners and even the CEO of the company. We allegedly have a police report on file for alleged proof.” Because that’s how real true journalists would write that statement without either tangible proof and/or a conviction. A little J-school 101 for you there.

Okay, Point 6 just cracks me up. The whole reason Eco Flower canceled the Mother’s Day flower event was because Eco Flower saw on the Eco Flower Screwed Me Over’ Facebook Group that people were planning on going to the event to ASK WHERE THEIR ORDERS WERE AND TO GET SOME ANSWERS — not to re-enact the mob scene from Beauty and the Beast. 🤣

What is most toxic about this executive is that he is completely comfortable openly lying and slandering others around him to try to cover up the giant garbage fire that is Eco Flower.

Now, this executive has never directly contacted me or responded to my attempts at communication. Apparently, he’s most comfortable behind his computer screen, trolling, instead of figuring out how to save his business and make good with his customers. Apparently, the whole Eco Flower team is being trained by this executive on how to execute “best anti-customer service practices” since they continue to prioritize deleting negative comments and blocking users across social media platforms whenever a user asks where an order is, try to warn others to reconsider purchasing, or just leave a snarky remark.

The executives continue to tell outsiders whether it is news stations or the Utah Department of Commerce that Eco Flower is attempting to make good on refunds and backed up orders, yet they continue to advertise new sales every day through social media and email. Let me be blunt here: If Eco Flower was truly trying to catch up on orders, they would put a hold on all current orders, PUBLICLY. They would announce it on their website, social media accounts and emails that they needed to put a hold on new orders until further notice. They would STOP advertising sales and taking people’s money when they still have to ship out products ordered MONTHS in the past. But yet, they don’t and they are still taking people’s money.

I was interviewed by Fox 13 from Salt Lake City about my experience, which you can find here, and while it isn’t the most insightful interview I am bringing it to up to be candid and to reinforce my stance that there is a solution to their problem that they keep ignoring.

Surprisingly, I didn’t hear any feedback from the executive after my interview with Fox 13… not at first that is.

On June 30, 2017 the executive went too far — he was hoping to bring me down, professionally.

My boss received a message from the executive who spent the time not only researching who I work for, but who my boss was, and my boss’s contact information. Again, why are you spending time trying to harass me when you have thousands of pissed off customers!? Anyways, I got a phone call late afternoon from my boss, the founder of the company, who begins his sentence with “So, I just got off the phone with someone from JW Capital…” That’s right. This executive decided to try to slander me and my reputation with my boss in hopes that it would impact me negatively, professionally and also personally.

His excuse for reaching out to my boss? I allegedly “threatened” his wife. This is the only instance I ever mentioned his wife:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.20.38 AM

Why did I bring this up? Other individuals were asking what other companies JW Capital invested in so disgruntled Eco Flower customers could avoid supporting those JW Capital ventures and affiliates. I shared public information on a public forum and people can do what they want with that information. Yes, I made a suggestion to stop supporting that business. Why? Because I would not want to support a company that is affiliated with another company that takes people’s money and doesn’t deliver the promised product or service. I will not apologize for “connecting the dots” and sharing that information to other consumers to make their own purchasing decisions.

I will also not apologize for advocating for my rights as a consumer. I will not stop sharing my experience with the world. I will not be bullied into silence.

I invite you all to share your experiences with Eco Flower in the comments section, whether it’s been positive or negative. All are truly welcome to share. If you are looking for resources to try to find a resolution with your Eco Flower experience, I’ve listed a few for your consideration below.








35 thoughts on “When you write a negative review of Eco Flower they’ll come after you

  1. My wedding order came 7 days before my wedding. Only after a bb lb complaint was filed after repeated lies that my order was shipping. All of my boutonnières and corsages had the wrong flowers as did my bridal bouquet. $500 never again. Horrible customer service. Many brides have written about their orders being cancelled within weeks of their weddings. I consider myself lucky. But I still feel like I’ve been duped. I’ve become a huge fan of Megan and her new (separate) company Sola Wood Flowers. Excellent customer service and fast shipping. Also complete transparency and communication with her customers. If they get behind, the stop taking orders to catch up. And she lets people know. She usually follows that up with a promotion once she’s caught up too.
    Ecoflower is a complete sham and they should be prosecuted for what they’ve done.


  2. Wow, that is truly amazing! I am so incredibly disappointed by the direction this company is going. I was also a frequent buyer, last year. I will never order from them again for several reasons. First, their customer service is really awful. They seem to have no organization. Their social media and marketing directors are amazing, I see their stuff everywhere and constantly have emails and ads for sales and new products. But at the same time, that’s also what frustrates me the most. They keep saying that they can’t keep up with the demand, then why not halt advertising and sales for the time being, and catch up on orders? They are not going to be retaining a lot of new customers if these new customers have no idea when they will get their item. I had to cancel 2 orders, when they couldn’t tell me when they will be sent out (non wedding stuff). I hope they truly do try to change their path and start to be customer focused. It’s a lot cheaper to retain customers, than to create new ones. Start there and then start working on inventory.

    Love your blog too!


  3. TERRIBLE COMPANY! I tried to warn potential customers who commented on their Facebook page and a couple days later I was completely blocked from doing anything. If they worked as hard at getting their orders fulfilled as they do at going after negative commenters, they might not have an issue. I just wish I had read your article prior to placing my order. Took them over 7 months to deliver and that was only because I called when they didn’t hit my June 30th request date (I ordered January 3rd). They took my money that same day which I think is unethical. Most places don’t take your money until they ship your order. The topper was that the flowers were not at all like what was pictured online.


  4. I was lucky in that I found the Facebook group right around the time my 15 business day production time frame was up. I had to research because my previous experience about a year before was amazing. This was before Meagan left and apparently she must have been the glue holding it together at eco flower.

    I saw horror stories from brides being asked to move their wedding order delivery dates, and people who still hadn’t received products almost 5-6 months later. I read time after time people claim they had to file a bbb complaint to get a refund or their product.

    So I’m lucky that I could learn from others on how to get my order.

    I did try to call eco flower 5 times right after the 15 business days passed, and no one answered a single time. Exactly what hundreds of others were claiming. On hold forever and then disconnected.

    I tried asking about order delays on the Facebook page, with no response, so I emailed them and waited.

    I got a generic copy/paste email everyone who emailed them was getting basically saying “we are behind. We have no idea when we may have what you paid for” the response came into my email at almost the exact same time as a promotional sale email from the company. Great, they can’t make the orders people already paid for and now they are actively trying to get more new orders they can’t fulfill.

    I decided to go ahead and put in a complaint with the BBB and then after realizing how wrong it is to not reach out to customers when there was a delay or not be able to give any clue as to when I may get an order I already paid for I filed a complaint with the FTC.

    After being told they absolutely could not make my product and couldn’t even tell me if they’d be able to this year… they sent me tracking information 3 days after filing my complaints in. A complete 180 in less than a week.

    It’s important to note that according to the tracking info I received that my order never sent. Their tracking info isn’t even the company you can pull your order up from. Again the Facebook page full of angry customers saved me and told me how I could actually track my product.

    When it finally arrived, the box was in good shape so I was happy…. and then I opened it. Smashed flowers haphazardly thrown into a sort of bouquet shape… covered in hot glue. It looked like the bouquet that I ordered in that the colors were pretty similar. That’s where the similarities ended.

    To return it, I had to pay to send the crap back to them. I ended up having to buy supplies and disassemble it and put it back together myself.

    I was also blocked on their social media for trying to warn others about the serious delays and complete lack of customer service

    Never. Again. They have so much potential and it’s sad to see them not only fail but to just not care that they are failing.


    1. And yet still cant ship out orders from a month ago. Or at least process returns. BBB doesn’t exactly have nice things to say either. The FB number sonly speak for the fools out there and only because you delete comments made to warn people. Funny bring the page up and it says 100+ comments and you can only see 20. Ya but let me guess you don’t do that either.


    2. Travis this is BS – I placed an order on Dec 4th 2016. By mid-May of 2017 I was still getting a bunch of bullshit answers about when I would get my order so I finally asked for a refund. You need to STOP running “sales” and “promotions” until you get caught up with the MONTHS of backorders that you have. The only thing I can think is you are out of money and using the new orders to pay for the ones that were placed 6 months ago. Absolutely shameful. If this is how you run your businesses you need to quit now and just be an employee because clearly you can’t lead worth a shit.


    3. You, sir, are full of it. I spent a TON of money with ecoflower. I have bouquets and wall hangings all over my home! But they were all ordered BEFORE Shark Tank. I ordered a bouquet on March 6th. Website said 15 days (and still says it!!!). Funny…because in June, I STILL had not received my order. ONE bouquet!!! Just ONE. I called multiple times. I emailed. I called again. It took filing a complaint with PayPal and the BBB to actually get a response other than “I’m sorry, I don’t know when it will be sent” (and that was the very few times I wasn’t hung up on after waiting on hold for 30 minutes!). Such a disgrace! And then when I received the ONE bouquet that apparently took MONTHS to make, it was broken and the colors were not what was online. You could tell it was thrown together just to shut me up. When I made a negative comment about it on the Facebook page, it was deleted, and later I was blocked. I was also denied a refund, because your company is SO SHADY that PayPal won’t even do business with you anymore.

      My warning to everyone is to contact the Utah Consumer Protection Agency if you have a problem with this company. There’s already an “F”rating with the BBB (I don’t care what crap magazine “featured” your company!). They obviously don’t know about you screwing over your customers. Any reputable magazine would do some research first!


    4. Read the other comments Travis! Your company is screwing people over. Who gives a shit about your shipping system when you don’t send orders out for months. Your company just gives excuse after excuse. While you basically have a customer roulette for who you decide to ship items to. Your Facebook page is a joke since you delete comments. Maybe you should look at the 330,000 people and find out how many are pissed off at your company. Most posts have several mad faces and comments that just get deleted. I will continue to spread the word about your horrible company. Your company won’t be around for long without some major changes, regardless of your upgraded shipping system.


    5. Mr. Johnson, let’s be honest here shall we? I know you at times seem to have a bit of a problem with telling the truth, so I am going to help you out here. I live in Utah. Born here in fact. Utah Business Magazine is NOT a “national magazine”. It states on their own website … “Utah Business is Utah’s leading STATEWIDE SOURCE (my emphasis added) for business news and information.” If they do have anyone outside of Utah subscribing, it is only because they are either from Utah or have lived here … and that is even pushing it. Sorry, I am doing my best to try and control my laughter, so I can continue to type.

      Where do we find Utah Business Magazines? Mostly in doctor’s offices, or other businesses around here. Boring! They clutter up the tables when someone is really wanting to read People or ‘O’ Magazine or Redbooks, or Time magazine, etc. Well, you get the gist.

      The only reason you have any following whatsoever on your Facebook page is because your staff is quite efficient at keeping any negative comments or customer requests wondering where their orders are, or if they are one of the lucky ones, actually receiving their order, only to find out they are a mess, off your facebook page. You staff it seems has the ability to delete them in 0.6 seconds or less, night or day. How convenient. Trust me, if you allowed the truth of people’s experience with your company to be posted as they should be … you wouldn’t have the following you claim. Also, if you bothered to put that much effort in actually fulfilling the order that people have made and paid with their hard earned dollars to your company, you may be in a different position. However, you don’t … and you aren’t. Sad. But true.

      So continue on with your lies and your disrespectful cocky responses. They are past comical and have turned into free entertainment for thousands of us who were screwed by your company. Keep it up. One of these days, hopefully soon, very soon, very, very soon, we may be the last ones laughing!

      Make it a great day, sir!


    6. Really? That’s all you have to say in your defense? You’re kidding me. No surprises there since everything Caitlin has posted seems pretty accurate. You’re such a fool Mr.Johnson.


    7. Publishing a press release written by your PR company doesn’t mean your problems are fixed. My wedding order was cancelled a month before the due date, and all you can say it “we don’t suck, I swear!” Yeah, sure, that’s why your BBB rating is an F and your Yelp rating is also tanked. Your company had the gall to ask me to change my wedding date so they could keep a stab at meeting an order that was placed 7 months prior to cancellation. Perhaps you should stop running sales and taking in new orders when you can’t meet the ones you already have? Put the new gadgets to use fulfilling your back log so you don’t screw over any other people.


    8. I don’t know anyone who has gotten their order. My friend is waiting on an order from December. She can’t even get a refund. Another friend has been waiting 4 months and just fought to get a refund. Personally I have been waiting over 2 months for my “mystery bouquet” and then one day I discovered the lovely folks at Eco flower cancelled my order but never told me. I had to pursue it even further and now I have to go through PayPal to even get my money back. So I could care less how many orders you say you’re shipping out, you couldn’t even throw a mystery bouquet in a box. You guys suck.


    9. Oh Travis. How very sad and desperate you are making yourself appear.

      1. A press release is submitted by the company for publication. It is not a true journalistic article.

      2. You did not “make” a well respected business journal. Your company submitted a press release for publication to a regional business publication regarding another company’s product…the Packright shipping machine. It isn’t even highlighting your company. It’s encouraging other companies to take advantage of new packaging technology. It’s essentially an ad for Packright, not a glowing review of how successful Ecoflower is. *insert sarcasm*

      3. Your company currently has well over 800 separate complaints with the BBB of Utah as well as an F rating. Ecoflower has an active investigation with the Utah Consumer Protection Division of the State Attorney General’s office. You have also been dropped by PayPal and are unable to use that platform for payment processing. Are you aware of how many valid disputes and fact-based complaints it takes before a business is no longer allowed to utilize PayPal? Hint: it is a LOT.

      4. There are STILL people receiving canned responses, waiting on orders that aren’t arriving, waiting on hold for solutions, being strung along, having comments deleted on Facebook, and receiving cancellation notices for orders mere days before their event…or in many cases…AFTER the event has already taken place. Yet…you have time to write fictitious claims in a comment on a blog.

      Go do something productive. Work on solutions. Fix the issues. Quit defending the company you have invested in, and instead…


      Otherwise, all you are is a guy behind a computer screen, whining about how mean people are to you and your company, and deluding yourself about imagined success, instead of trying to right the ship and learn from the mistakes of the last several months.

      Here are some suggestions:

      Stop running sales. Fulfill outstanding orders FIRST.
      If it is clear an order cannot be fulfilled the way it was ordered, make it a priority to contact the customer ASAP.
      Hire more customer service reps…both live and e-chat.
      Quit sending misspelled form letter emails from “Kate” when there is a delayed order and a customer has inquired about the status. Send a real 3 mail addressing the actual concern and giving a specific response.
      Value quality. Value people.
      After all…
      Without people, without customers, you don’t get money.
      And money, well…that’s what you’re all about. Aren’t you, Travis?


    10. Travis, I don’t know if you were busy writing a press release for your new upgraded shipping system, but you didn’t take the time to respond to my questions regarding transparency. So, I will ask again: (Oh and feel free to include June statistics as well since I asked this question in June and didn’t get a response…much like most people trying to get their orders.

      Travis, you seem to have access to some very interesting statistics. In the spirit of transparency would you be willing to offer a bit more detail? In the month of May how many orders were shipped out? Of those orders:
      1)What was the longest a person had been waiting for their order to ship?
      2)How many of those shipped orders were attached to a Better Business Bureau claim?

      Secondly, how many new orders were taken in May? Of those new orders, how many have been shipped out this far?

      In May, how many orders were refunded regardless of when they were placed?

      In The first quarter of this calendar year, were any “proceeds” donated to charities? If so, to whom?

      Thank you for your willingness to be transparent and clear your name.


    11. Good for you, but you have yet to fulfill my two orders from Feb and March. 5 months and no one replies to emails. It’s not just me, it’s thousands of people. How can you advertise sales and new products when you have so many u fulfilled and incorrect orders. I tell everyone to avoid Eco Flower.


    12. Travis, not that you seem to care, but you failed to process my order. A simple $20 order, at that. After months of waiting I requested a refund, only to be told I had to go through PayPal myself because they’d dropped your company. We all know the truth.


    13. Then where’s my Mother’s Day gift from my husband that was guaranteed delivery by Mother’s Day? You guys don’t even have it in you to respond honestly to emails. Reality disproves what you are saying. Communication and respect are important but I don’t see you having any of that for your customers. I now don’t trust you so my husband and I will never give you our hard earned money again. Which is a shame because I’m planning a wedding for someone else and could used you guys. If you can’t deliver on one item how can I trust you to deliver on a multiple item expensive order?


    14. Travis, nothing that you can say as a diversionary tactic will diminish my experience with Eco Flower, except I APOLOGIZE FOR OUR MISTAKES AND WILL DO MY BEST TO MAKE IT RIGHT FOR ALL OF OUR WRONGED CUSTOMERS. I WILL DO MY BEST TO RE-EARN YOUR BUSINESS.


  5. Hmm odd maybe your finally able to ship so many orders, because so many customers are cancelling their orders and demanding refunds.. 🙄🙄.

    Gives you plenty of time to come stalk a blog writer and call their boss because someone doesn’t love your bullshit excuses. Like so many others before me have said quit having sells, focus on the orders you have instead of posting bullshit excuses, and for the love of everything else – accept your mistakes! Quit blaming everyone else!


  6. I like how you said, still processing thousands of orders a month. Hell, Pizza Hut processed, completed and delivered my order on time! That’s twice as much as you do.


  7. My first order with Eco Flower was December 4, 2016. It was a BOGO, I ordered 2 bouquets. I then saw people complaining about late delivery. I received the one bouquet in a timely manner. Unfortunately it was supposed to be pink flowers with a few black ones. it was mainly black flowers, usable but not what I wanted. I called and complained. They said they would resend. They did and this time it was an odd shaped bouquet (again usable but not as I wanted). Called again and they said they would send another or substitute. I picked out another kind that was ALL pink and that was sent fairly quickly and perfect. In the meantime I received my second bouquet from the order that was just gorgeous. Then another BOGO sale came up and I ordered 2 mason jar bouquets. They were way behind this time and I called and complained. They were sorry and gave me a 25.00 credit. I received the mason jars about a week later. With the 25.00 credit I purchased a Mini Comic Centerpiece. That too came in a timely manner. All this was finished by February 2017.
    All in all I was very satisfied with their product and way I was treated. That being said I have not placed anymore orders because my husband said enough with the wood flowers and our budget couldn’t handle it.. LOL Sorry I could not diss them as they did right by me. I was sorry to see so many people get so screwed over though.


  8. Thank you so much for your posts regarding this company. My only regret is not being aware of them sooner. I placed an order during the Memorial Day weekend sale at the end of May for my wedding bouquet, 6 non-wedding bouquets (for my bridesmaids), 2 corsages, and 8 boutineers. The 6 non-wedding items were to be shipped “as soon as they’re finished” which after 2 months of waiting and an inquiry, resulted in absolutely no information from the company. I inquired again on September 30th only to be quoted back my original desired delivery date being set to 10/6 without any actual information regarding my order. The 6th came and went. I asked yet again for an update now that my order was officially overdue after over 4 months of waiting. They finally “checked with production” and said my order would be sent “sometime that week.” Last week ended without any shipping information or order update. I filed a BBB complaint Friday night and started commenting on their social media (of course, my comments have been deleted). Suddenly today they emailed to state, “It appears your order shipped on 10/16.” That happens to be today. Slick, huh? So far no activity with UPS other than the creation of a label. I emailed back to ask why they would still send it Ground knowing they are 10 days overdue… their response? I’ll have it on Friday, in time for my wedding date. Funny, since I never put that on my original order. If they spent as much time and energy with their customer service and actually completing the orders as opposed to internet searches and social media warfare, maybe the great idea that customers want to love but have to hate would actually stand a chance.


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