Libya and Tumblr

Libya tag on Tumblr dashboard

A few days ago Tumblr was a-buzzin’ about Libya, as it should be. For once my dashboard was not filled with pictures of “silly kittens” or various gorgeous male movie stars ::cough cough, James Franco::

There were posts describing the horrors that are happening Libya, some with links accompanying the text, asking for action, while others just wanted the public to be informed. This morning as I went on Tumblr I saw a post from my friend stating her frustrations with the people of Tumblr.

Qaddafi is so despicable that I can’t even be distracted by my giant crush on the Silver Fox himself.

This was all over Tumblr, like, two days ago… was it trendy to care then, but we’re done now? It’s far from over, folks. I’m not pretending to fully grasp what’s happening out there, but we need to pay attention.

And now back to your regularly scheduled posts of gifs and puppies and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I guess. Just scroll on past.

I understand her frustrations and I too wish that people would be more informed about the world, but at the same time I have to ask the question if people REALLY were concerned about Libya and staying informed then wouldn’t that trump people’s desires to reblog Joseph Gordon Levitt’s face?

They would be reading various news websites after seeing those countless posts on Tumblr to find out more information because their curiosity is so great. While it might seem that those Libya posts were in vain since they are not as frequent on people’s dashboards, I don’t think they were useless.

Tumblr created for the Libyan Revolution

For a few hours, people WERE knowledgable and I see that as hopeful because it shows that people aren’t totally dismissive of the events that are going on around them. Yes, people aren’t sitting around their radios or television stations every evening with their families waiting to hear the nightly newscast. And yes, people aren’t seeking out newspapers to read on their breaks at work as often as in years past. And yes, the internet is the new face of media, information, and knowledge but at least it’s SOMETHING.

Maybe its optimistic of me to believe that those few hours were somewhat thought-provoking to at least ONE person in the Tumblr world but if I didn’t believe that, then who would successfully bring hope and change into the world like the Egyptians did?

Ultimately, we all will rely on social media and the internet for our revolts, for our chance to stand. For now, all we can do is reblog posts, sign petitions, and teach ourselves to never let “the Man” get us down!


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