NPR, here I come!

So, I’ve quit the Daily Iowan. Why? The timing just wasn’t right. And no, that isn’t a cop-out. It really just wasn’t a good time with my class schedule and other commitments. I really enjoyed my Daily Iowan experience for the month and a half I was there, and I learned a lot while there but I don’t think I’m cut out to be a newsroom reporter…

New KRUI 89.7 FM logo

I did my first news spot on KRUI 89.7 FM yesterday and it was FANTASTIC! I’ve been involved with KRUI since last fall and have worked in the production, music, and DJ departments. I currently have my own “talk show” on Tuesdays called The Bite Me Chronicles where I just rant or rave about the happenings of the media world and life in general.

I’ve always been a follower of radio since I was young, listening to the early morning talk show my mom would put on while driving us to school. Then as I got into high school I listened to NPR with my dad while he drove me to school and him to work. When I heard about the radio station on campus, I knew I HAD to be on it. I instantly fell in love with it all.

NPR logo

While I do have a passion for radio news broadcasting I also really enjoy online outlets as well and I think that is something that NPR does really well — hitting many different brackets and outlets while still being appealing to the public.

For example, I interviewed this singer named Sharon Van Etten last year and while I have many critiques of the interview, it’s kind of really super awesome to see her featured and interviewed on NPR. It’s almost a reassurance to me that I’m choosing the right path to stumble down.

I still need to expose myself to various other forms of media and journalism and I am hoping to go overseas sometime in my college career and interact in international journalism practices and different cultural and societal issues, as well.

The great part about being a journalism major is that there seems to be so many opportunities for people but at the same time, those opportunities could change in a flash due to what the public wants, needs, or desires. For example, the public wants easy convenience with their news and thus, newspapers will eventually be no more. It’s going to start being an even more competitive work field soon enough, but until then I’m going to keep dreaming that I’ll be the next host of All Things Considered, or on BBC.

NOTE: Input and suggestions are HIGHLY recommended for this post because I know there are people out there in the WordPress world that have advice, tips, and good resources that would be beneficial!


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