Never is Enough is Never Enough

Why is it that we have to feel so low, so poorly about ourselves, our aspirations (or lack thereof), our being stuck, our resentment towards the path we chose two years ago, before the urge to fight kicks in?

Are we a society that loves to play off the bad because we just can’t get enough of a good comeback story? It’s that comeback story that inspires us to go further, try harder, believe in things that previously were unbelievable for one reason or another. That feeling of appreciation, wonder, “you got this” that just can’t be found if you stay too positive, stay too optimistic, don’t let the pessimism, the “I-don’t-deserve-this-I-deserve-something-better” kick in and fester and grow and take over your mind, your soul, your happy.

This is a rant, of sorts.
Why? Because I’m getting close to my low. Getting close to needing that “comeback” to start, well, coming back.

Never enough is never enough.

Think about it while you’re make your own comeback, my fellow millennials who’re stuck in a rut that really actually looks like a very large black hole towards self doubt, unemployment, and many packets of Ramen noodles.

You got this.


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