The Journey to Building Champions

Note: This post is going to be one of the more personal, and candid posts I have done in a while. Thank you in advance for all of your support!

Over the last 2 + years I have been inspired by a couple individuals in the health and fitness world. Why? Because they radiate positivity. They encourage not only others but themselves to keep trying, to keep striving, to keep believing. They’ve taken their passion for health and fitness and combined it with helping others.

Why couldn’t I do the same?

I’ve been working multiple jobs since my sophomore year of college, and a lot of the time I wasn’t happy with that type of schedule. I wanted to find something that took my love for health & fitness that could be done in my spare time and result in a little extra side cash for vacations, grad school applications, moving expenses, etc.


So, I recently decided to take a leap of faith. I joined AdvoCare as a distributor because I’m passionate about the products and I’m passionate about helping others find their fit, whether that’s pushing themselves farther in the gym or establishing a healthier lifestyle. The opportunity AdvoCare gives to people is incredible, and really it is whatever you want it to be for you and your goals. I jumped in as a distributor because I want financial freedom, I want to be able to walk away from long 9-10 hour work days knowing I can still support my dreams and goals, and even pay for graduate school without having to work a full time job on top of my class load.

I’m writing this post about this venture of mine because I not only want to encourage others to take the time to get to know and try the products, but also to see the business opportunity in front of them, if they’re open to it & believe in it.

I genuinely care about the health and the success of others and want to help YOU towards your goals whether you’re inspired to try the products TODAY or even MONTHS from now. You wouldn’t be doing this alone, you will be joining a team of other successful, passionate, extremely supportive and loving individuals who want to see you succeed! Your success is our success!

MY personal experiences with the products

After participating in the 24 Day Challenge with Marty, I was AMAZED by the results! My energy levels were consistent throughout my long work days, my digestive system was the cleanest it had ever been in my life, and even my skin was clearing up!

Left: Day 1 of 24-Day Challenge Right: Day 24 of 24-Day Challenge
Left: Day 1 of 24-Day Challenge
Right: Day 24 of 24-Day Challenge
Day 24 of 24-Day Challenge
Day 24 of 24-Day Challenge

I still drink Spark in place of a morning coffee (my stomach just can’t handle coffee right away in the AM), and take Catalyst to ensure I am getting enough of my amino acids each day (in addition to amino acids in my diet). Arginine Extreme is great before my longer HIIT workouts & runs.

I haven’t tried all the products yet, but there is definitely something for everyone’s dietary needs, fitness goals, or overall health.

Please, feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about trying a sample of Spark, any product questions, or interest in joining my team! We will make your goals happen!


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