Why this election didn’t surprise me

We did it guys, we made it through the 2016 presidential election sponsored by Bravo! and E!

While many spent the past 18 months fuming, afraid and at a loss for words, I remained chill.

I didn’t bother debating with candidates supporters. I didn’t bother pretending to be shocked at the release of more offensive Trump commentary late in the election. I didn’t bother to be wary of another investigation into Clinton’s e-mails right before voting day. I didn’t bother feeling betrayed by the DNC when it showed that they weren’t ever with him, but always with her. Why? Because I know better.

I know the government is a dark, twisted, violent institution that has been allowing bad behavior to happen for decades. Yes, House of Cards is fiction, but do you really think that show ISN’T based off of true events, people & secrets?

The difference between this election and the ones before it, is that private information is not being written out by hand, sealed into a file and locked away behind 5 different combinations. Nope. It is being store in electronic files in electronic lockers that seem to be safe. Until they’re hacked. Then the dirty laundry is all out on the lawn for all the neighborhood to see.

This election was ugly. Not just from a physical standpoint, but also because the popular majority finally saw how their disinterest & inaction had provided them lackluster options. And instead of taking accountability for that, society tends to place the blame on the party. Haven’t you realized, society, that pointing your fingers at the party members doesn’t cause them to act? Do you know what causes them to act? Money, which you don’t have enough of to influence them to behave in your interest!

So, what’s next for us normal folk? Well, maybe y’all can read the media instead of blaming it, and I mean MULTIPLE media outlets, not just one. And maybe you can elect party members in your local and state elections that are worthy of your vote & can be developed into better governmental options for the future. And maybe you can stop using the internet in finding memes to complain about so and so candidate, and actually use it to research important issues about your communities.

Pshhh, what am I thinking? Americans talk first, think second. It would be too much of me to ask my fellow voters to actually advocate for themselves for once, wouldn’t it?


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