Why ‘Homesick’ candles are a big disappointment

As many of my friends know: I’m candle obsessed. Or rather, I’m scent obsessed. (I’m looking at you incense & flameless wax!)

When I worked at that one store, I became the “candle guru” – I could tell you the burn time of every scent, why some had a stronger throw than others, and of course you just NEEDED to have it in your life.

So, when I saw homesick candles pop up on my Instagram and Facebook for about a month, I figured I would check them out. I tried to do some research on how others felt about the scents, but couldn’t mind much of anything. (Clue #1) When I checked out their Facebook page hoping to find even ridiculous, passive aggressive reviews I found none – they had disabled that featured on that page. (Clue #2) All of the media findings online seemed to be positive, so I decided to bite.

I picked Illinois and Minnesota.

The IL candle is described as “grain fields, violets (the state flower), and lake breeze.”
The MN candle is described as “winter air and Minnesota apple strudel.”


Illinois smells like if you took all the flower & fresh scented cleaning supplies in the store and dumped them into a giant bucket, then submerged your head in said bucket. It burns your eyes, nose, and maybe even killed a few of my brain cells because I got an INSTANT headache. While I do get the occasional headache when I’m home in IL, it’s typically due to traffic, or family members let’s be honest.
Minnesota smells like you took the seasonal limited edition versions of the cleaning supplies in the store and repeated the same task that you did with the Illinois candle. Only this time, you second guessed it for a moment before then regretting your choice.
For $29.95 + tax + shipping, these candles need to be higher quality. The scents smell like something that could be found in a Michael’s or a Walmart – cheap and artificial.
In all honesty, it’s a great idea but NOT worth the risk in trying. Why? Not only am I out the $10 I paid in shipping to receive the candles, I now have to pay to have them shipped back. So, I’ve lost $15+, plus damaged my smelling capabilities and a few brain cells.
P.S. Good thing I didn’t buy the Iowa one, too. “Smells like the State Fair.” Seriously? That could be ANY number of things: poop, cheese, beer, corn, B.O., puke, carnies, farm animals, etc.



4 thoughts on “Why ‘Homesick’ candles are a big disappointment

  1. Thank you for the review. I was looking into buying North Dakota for mom, but for $30, I decided to research more and see if it was really worth it. This gives me an idea of nope, not worth it. So I’m glad I saved myself what, $40 for a candle I can’t even test before buying.


  2. Thank you for your review. I’m sorry for giggling a little at your pain, or at your colorful description of it. Like you and others, I thought this would be a good gift for family members that have moved out of state, but I’m from Iowa and had the same reaction to the description of that candle as you did. 😉


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