Eco Flower is CLOSED, but JW Capital is still trying to take your money

Hi friends!

So it’s been awhile since my last Eco Flower update. Thankfully, it caused a certain JW Capital executive to stop harassing me, but yet I continued to see on the Eco Flower Screwed Me Over FB group more and more people having their money stolen from them.

This past week something astounding happened — Eco Flower announced to it’s employees that they would be shutting their doors.

From an unnamed former EF employee’s FB page

I jumped into action to verify that this statement was true. And found another post from a now former employee…


That’s right. Eco Flower not only told it’s employees that they were shutting the company down but they also chose to tell them on PAY DAY and that they WOUDLN’T BE PAYING THEIR EMPLOYEES.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.32.04 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.32.12 AM

Why am I even surprised that they chose to do that? Let’s be honest, I’m not. How could they pay employees when they can’t even pay their suppliers? What just shocks me is how JW Capital thought that they would turn things around operating the company the way that they did. Idiots.

This announcement caused a lot of frenzy on the FB page with many confused on the announcement of their closing considering that they received promotional emails that day and the next. But what really confused people about the news was this…

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 10.44.56 AM.png
Eco Flower website still live & taking orders as of March 24, 2018, JW Capital announced to employees they would be shutting down on Thursday, March 22, 2018.

That’s right, even though JW Capital has fired all their Eco Flower employees, they are still taking orders on the Eco Flower website to unbeknownst customers.

And that is why, dear readers, I am writing this blog post. Because this information needs to be shared so customers do not think that the company is still in business and will deliver them the product(s) that they paid for.

According to the JW Capital website (which I will NOT be linking to because I don’t need to increase their SEO any more than I already am by even mentioning their name.) “We like to move fast, we use our own money, our own connections and resources to build the JW Capital companies.” When they say “own money” they actually mean YOUR money.

So please, dear readers, help me spread the word that Eco Flower is no more and even though their web presence still lives, the company is in fact SHUT DOWN.

Now, for those of you who have ordered from Eco Flower and are wondering if you’ll get your product my guess is NO. You won’t. Even when they were operating their fulfillment rate was crap. For those of you wondering how to get a refund, I highly suggest that you pursue the following:

  • Contact your bank or credit card company that you used for your order and put a dispute in. When asked for details, write that the product will not be delivered therefore you would like a 100% refund, you cannot get a resolution from the Eco Flower because they have shut down their company, fired their employees, and have no finances to return to you. Please feel empowered to use the above images in your supporting documentation — that always helps move things along quicker in terms of a resolution from the bank & credit cards end.
  • Report your experience to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, especially if you ordered after July 31, 2017. If you ordered BEFORE July 31, 2017 your complaint with the state will fall under their “Settlement Agreement” with EF. EF will have 10 days to either FULFILL or REFUND you after the state notifies them of your complaint. Here is the form.
  • Below is the “official” return policy listed on their website, by the way, for your reference
    Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 11.10.25 AM

Note: If more resources become available, I will update this page with those. 

**UPDATE, AUGUST 14, 2018**

Eco Flower’s website is no longer live and orders are no longer being placed. The decision makers at Eco Flower are claiming they are still fulfilling orders despite there not being a warehouse, supplies or employees to put together the items for said orders. A few customers have reported on the Eco Flower Screwed Me Over FB Group that they’ve received some of their order in a dingy box with a handwritten label but they’d obviously rather have their money back than a half ass attempt at a bouquet. If you want to stay up to date on all things happening with Eco Flower, refunds, and legal actions & responses, join that FB group.

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10 thoughts on “Eco Flower is CLOSED, but JW Capital is still trying to take your money

  1. Thank you for the information. I am totally shocked to find out that they closed their doors in March. I received an email from my wedding consultant on April 6 telling me my order was completed and would be shipping on Monday April 9. It was also told to me that o would be emailed my tracking number on the 9th. I sent several emails after that with no response and today I called to find that the number was disconnected. I did some searching and found your post. My wedding is in 11 days and I am now rushing around to find someone or some place that can accommodate such a short timeframe, which is proving to be extremely difficult.


  2. Thank you for including the links to report this company. My wedding is in August and I just found out about all of this after emailing them multiple times to get information regarding my multiple orders. I’ve tried calling both the Eco Flower number as well as JW Capital – both are disconnected.


      1. Cartlin,
        Thank you for the information. I just found out. I ordered from them January 28th for 22 people in my party. I spoke via email with them March 21st. They assured me I would get my flowers in time.
        Amex is now dealing with this but could I possibly get refu see faster if I fill out the form you posted?


      2. Whatever documentation you can provide AmEx will help them resolve your request for refund quicker. It also is good to report your experience as well to the Attny General and Consumer Protection Agency because the company needs to be held responsible for unethical business practices.


  3. Thank you for sharing this. I was watching Shark Tank 4/27/18 and wanted to purchase the flowers just in decorating my home. In putting in the name I came to this article and it stopped me in my tracks.



  4. Please help me! I ordered flowers for my July ,2018 wedding on October 2017!! What do I do, how do I get my money back???


    1. Hi Lisa, I have listed a few resources at the bottom of this post to help you get your money back. Let me know if you are still having trouble seeing that and I’ll be happy to email you them, instead.


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