Facebook wants to be the new Groupon?

In a recent article by the NASDAQ community, Facebook has released a feature on their website allowing users to access “Facebook Deals.” The feature has the potential to be a top contender with other online coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. The feature allows local businesses to offer local coupons to members. While the idea […]

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Social networking deja-vu

On Sunday night I was playing intramural soccer when I challenged the player with the ball and in doing so, I re-tore my right ACL that was replaced back in ’08. Totally sucks. While the action of tearing it again was deja-vu enough, these past few days I’ve felt like I’m in a deja-vu limbo. […]

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Facebook: The Crimestopper

This past week there were a few stories about how Facebook has helped Iowa police departments to capture various disturbances: • A few days ago a South Tama County school was shut down after police discovered a bomb threat message in a bathroom stall and used Facebook to help identify the 12-year-old culprit. • And […]

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Social media in law—is it more trouble than it’s worth?

A month or two ago, it was revealed in the University of Iowa’s student newspaper, the Daily Iowan, that Apartments Downtown, a business in Iowa City, IA, would be facing a massive lawsuit in regards to their unethical and illegal business practices. Now, not many people were surprised at this revelation—college students are known for complaining about things, […]

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