Facebook, the “new” news source

Facebook just may very well take over the world some day. I believe that Mark Zuckerberg and his team are completely capable of this and well, I think society would let them.

In my previous post about how I dislike Facebook’s new role as sharer of personal information, it may seem to readers that I am not a Facebook fan. Rather, I am with about 80% of the rest of the population and I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

I understand that it will probably stay around longer than Myspace did because it evolves with its users, technology, and demands. While MySpace was really just meant for teeny boppers to pretend like they live cooler lives than they really do.

Facebook can be a bit too pushy and overbearing but some may say it means well while others just get more irritated with each nudge. Facebook is also kicking some major ass though in the social media/news world. I just noticed that another new feature has been added to the profiles of Facebook: “Question.” It’s where a person can post a questions that can actually be turned into a poll for their friends to answer. Before you only found polls on news websites or some blogs.

Facebook has acknowledged that polls are becoming more popular in usage in the media world and has jumped on the bandwagon of having them available to their users. The creative team at Facebook are slowly beginning to shift the main focus of Facebook from a social networking site to a more, constructive, productive, and helpful tool in news, media, and society.

I for one, applaud the changes not only as a journalist but also as a human being. I have felt like the past few years have been decline for technology and social media sites because they had become another sort of playground if you will. More kids began to be bullied and more kids began to act out as a result of those negative feelings inflicted on them, thus creating a crazed adolescent group. By developing Facebook into a more mature tool I’ve seen a change in people. It’s beginning to almost incites its users to care more about what is going on the world through the recommendations of news stories, petitions, videos, and now polls.

Instead of going on Facebook to “creep”, gossip, and play Farmville, people are now using it to gain internships, find employers, and even start businesses. If the masterminds behind Apple and Facebook ever get together, we might soon be a world ruled by that genius collaboration.


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