Mobile apps, how dependable are they REALLY?

So. This is my THIRD attempt at writing a blog entry for this week. The first two I tried to do via my newly downloaded FREE! WordPress app for Android. Let’s just say, it doesn’t really work.

I’m not really sure how you are supposed to get it to work considering I would spend, oh you know, 15 minutes typing with my two thumbs a post, then I would push “save” and then “publish” and voila!




So for my own sanity, I’ve said “screw it” to the whole blogging via the mobile app, which is kind of disappointing because I was really pumped about it. I’m all about technological developments and using those new developments for my journalistic advantage, but sadly “no’s goes” as some people say.

It makes me wonder, though, how dependable are mobile apps REALLY? (Duh, look at the title)

While I was sitting on the metro while I was in Washington D.C. with my dad looking at the Android marketplace for free apps, many of them had terrible reviews. And I’m not talking about bad apps either I’m talking about dignified and respected companies that just have terrible apps I guess? But how can they get away with it when so many companies and organizations are depending on hits via mobile devices?

If this is how technology, media, and news is to be—condensed in a little phone—then some organizations and businesses need to step up their game! I understand that new technology will have bugs and glitches but are mobile apps even considered ‘new technology’ anymore? Perhaps they are not of high quality because they are FREE! but really, do they really expect people to pay for their app when they can get something similar or almost the same elsewhere for free?

Where do businesses go from here? Where do consumers go from here?

With the constant thought of having to one-up yourself and the competitor, the ideas are going to dwell and perhaps even stall for a while. (Look at the iPad 2, really Apple those are the best new additions you could think of? Just sayin’…) Is that a bad thing though, to NOT have something new coming out every month or so? How will we ever get comfortable using a certain method of technology or process if we just continue to change and/or leave it behind? Won’t that just hinder us sooner or later and lead to our ultimate demise?

Only 638 days until December 21, 2012!


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