First Day of Spring 2011 Online Journalism

My name is Caitlin Fry and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa.

I am a Journalism/Mass Communications and History major with a minor in French. I am currently a metro reporter for The Daily Iowan, more specifically the Food and Culture beat reporter. I also am a DJ for KRUI, the student-run radio station on campus. I have experience in the production and music departments at KRUI, as well. I’ve also dabbled in publicity a little bit for Colleges Against Cancer as the Publicity Chair–where I’ve collaborated with student-run campus publicity group, PRSSA.

Even though I am a journalism major I am really terrible at spelling, so thank God for spell check and editors. I used to play competitive soccer until I tore both of my ACLs and minicus. I’ve broken almost all of my bones in my body except my spine, neck, and collarbone. Yes, I’ve cracked my skull so you could see the inside of my head, pretty neat stuff, but the doctors never let me see it. My odd talents include crossing one eye and moving the other around and putting my whole fist in my mouth.


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