This Isn’t Tumblr But…

I have actually used various “blogging” websites since I was about probably 12, the age I finally realized I was a lot more mature than everyone else around me. Since I’ve turned 12 I have felt the same–haven’t really matured a whole lot, same outlook on life, viewpoints–I was basically 30 when I turned 12. Hence why the running joke in my family is that every birthday I am turning 12, or I am still 12.

Anyways, it was around this time that I no longer wanted to be a vet and decided I wanted to write for the rest of my life because I was pretty decent at it, according to my “stellar” public middle-school teachers. I’d always been a ‘techy’ because my dad worked for computer company IBM and would make me do “JumpStart! Typing Tutor” before I could go out and play with my friends. By the time I was in 8th grade I could type 100+ words per minute; I impressed my brother’s high school friends in that aspect.

I’ve used Xanga, Livejournal, Blogspot, Tumblr, and now WordPress. Of all of those I used Xanga so much I had about 4 accounts…I was pretty popular in the early 2000’s on Xanga. Livejournal was just a cool layout and a lot of my middle school friends used it too, but I liked Xanga more because I knew how to use the HTML formats to make my own layouts/designs and it allowed users to add music, which Livejournal was kind of restricted to.

I got a Blogspot my Senior year as another way to profile my pieces and writings but I forgot the password and have since been locked out. I don’t remember how I discovered Tumblr, per say, but I have used that quite often lately. I’ve noticed, though, that Tumblr is more of a “blog” that people just “repost” posts of other people, rather than create their own ideas. Every once in a while those sneak in but not as often as pictures from our favorite 90’s cartoons or Jersey Shore clips.

I try to retain my individuality on my Tumblr and usually post my mind’s inner workings of the day, or a silly picture of myself to bring a smile or laugh to others who are stressed, or a clip that has inspired me, made me laugh, or moved me to do something about it.

If anyone is confused or interested to what Tumblr is you can check mine out, I feel like it’s pretty safe to share…there isn’t anything on there that I wouldn’t allow people to see. I don’t really have anything to hide from anyone–what I say is what I would say in 90% of circumstances or what I do is what I would do in 90% of circumstances so I have nothing to be ashamed of…but feel free to disagree with me!

Personal Tumblr:
Journalism Tumblr:


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