What I learned while I was in bed all weekend:

This past weekend I was sick. Not just sniffles and headache sick but throwing up every ounce of liquid and particle of food in my body sick. This is not uncommon for me–the doctor’s still don’t know why I do it every few months or so, but this past summer they prescribed me some medicine and I later found out it’s used to treat cancer patients going through treatments like chemo that make them nauseated. Let’s just say the medicine does work but it also knocks me out, quite fast and for long periods of time.


Anyways, I was very very sick I couldn’t go on my computer because the screen just made me nauseated so I just laid in bed for three straight days and watched/listened to Boy Meets World, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and countless French movies.


And since I’ve recovered (thank God) I feel like I am so lost in the world, especially the social networking/blogging world. Who would have thought that 3 days would make me feel years behind the news, the what’s happenin’, and the who’s who.


Never did I think I would become THAT attached to social networking, websites, and blogging. But yet, I am. I am hooked. It’s a love that will last until the end of time–or whatever Disney slogan you deem appropriate.


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