Have you ever looked at America from a different country?

While I am not a perfect Francophone, I have made it my mission as a journalist to look at news, information, and media in different point-of-views. Not just from a different opinion point-of-view or a different political point-of-view, but essentially a different world point-of-view

Lately, I’ve been trying my luck at French journalist/news websites such as  
Le Monde and France 24, especially after having a French journalist as a teacher. It’s been really interesting to see how our news in America is portrayed in different countries. I saw my first “hard news/breaking news” American story on France 24 a few months ago–the Wikileaks story. While I eventually had to change the language to English, just to make sure I was reading the French in the right context and format, it was interesting to view America from an outside point of view. The weird thing was, it didn’t feel like I was on the outside…maybe it’s because I’ve been in French classes for eight years, it was still kind of a nice new way to read the news.

Le Monde and France 24 don’t really pay attention to all of American news besides, the hard-hitting stuff, but it’s also nice to read the types of news that the French people and the French journalists view important on their news media websites. I think everyone should try to read a story or two on foreign websites…not necessarily in the native language that the source resides in, but I view it as important as a journalist to open up our world-view just a LITTLE bit more.


One thought on “Have you ever looked at America from a different country?

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