Social Networking + the Snow

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a blizzard on the news as much as I have this one.


Because the wonderful creation that is social networking sites! All last night while I waited to hear word from the University of Iowa that classes would be canceled ALL DAY not just until 10 (I decided at 10 I was not going to my class no matter what because my poor father called worried and convinced me that WWI wasn’t worth breaking my legs for) I watched my Twitter feed go bonkers!

I follow news sources from back home, home being Naperville, as well as the Iowa City area and national news. With the evolution of social networking sites has come the evolution of sarcastically, witty, and ridiculous words and terminology that occupied many top #hashtags on Twitter and Tumblr.

Here are two examples:
• “snomg” aka Snow My God!
• snowpocalypse

I read as news person stated they were stranded in their stations for the night and I looked at so many snow covered pictures I think I will see white for the rest of my life around almost EVERYTHING.

I had to join in on the snowy-picture-fun! So here’s what I’ve been gazing out of all day just so you understand my perspective.

Frozen back kitchen window in my apartment overlooking the parking lot

I don’t even know HOW many Facebook status updates I have seen in the past 24 hours pertaining to snow. While some of them are quite witty, “Scanner traffic: “I’m not going to worry about people smoking pot during a snow emergency.” most were just redundant. Hence, why I turned to Twitter and Tumblr.

I found this beauty on Tumblr. For those of you who don’t know what the TV show Boy Meets World is and are from America and grew up in the 90’s, I recommend you get a time-machine go back in time to the 90’s and become quite knowledgeable about it because you will be mocked endlessly for not knowing every single line and moment of this iconic show.

Cory: "I think I'm man enough to handle a few little snowflakes." ::Opens door:: Cory: "THE WORLD IS ENDING!"

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but back in the day blizzards have never been this entertaining via newscast.


4 thoughts on “Social Networking + the Snow

  1. Now, I’m not sure if you received the last comment I wrote, but… oh well, here it is again.
    You see, you really really remind me of a friend I had when I was in middle school. You look a lot like her and have a way of thinking very similar to hers. You are also her age, which is mine too. We used to be classmates back then, and believe it or not, I actually do kind of miss her despite not having known of her since middle school. Honestly, you look a lot like her, and would really really appreciate it if you could give me the chance to know if you are her. If you’re not, I promise I won’t bother you again. All I’m asking for is one small chance, please.
    Here is my email in case you think of writing to me

    Thank you Caitlin (:


    1. Hi Emmanuel –

      I don’t think I am the person you are thinking of because I did not go to middle school with anyone named Emmanuel, but thank you for your kind words about my blog posts! Feel free to continue to read them and your comments are greatly appreciated! 🙂


      1. What a bummer. I Was really expecting for you to turn out to be her, but oh well. Thank you Caitlin, for your reply. You know, you seem like a very nice girl. I like what you publish and love the way you think. It would be great if we could talk, it’ll be nice getting to know someone like you. I left you my msn just in case you let me get to know you. See you later Caitlin, nice talking to you ^^


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