Society’s tablet frenzy!

Tablets are the new technological craze and society can’t get enough of them. Neither can I, but that was not always the case.

When the iPad came out I thought it was kind of stupid considering it looked like a giant iPhone and if someone already owned a laptop/computer what was the point? But then this past Christmas my parents gave me an iPad because they believed that I could benefit from the news apps, its small compact size, and its ebook reading feature.

I wasn’t so sure at first about it but now I can say:

Yes, I am an owner of an iPad.

Now tablets are becoming more and more popular and higher in demand with many other companies creating models that can compete against Apple. Why is it that the tablet is so popular when there are so many other ways one can view news, the internet, and apps?

• Is it because it is lighter than any laptop on the market?

• Is it because it’s easier to use than a laptop with its “hands on” approach?

• Is it because it displays apps and other websites in a more user-friendly and appearance friendly way?

Whatever one’s particular reason is for wanting a tablet doesn’t particularly matter but to websites, it does.

When using my iPad in between my classes last Tuesday, I noticed that WordPress blogs are presented in a very attractive format with one’s blog entries placed in squares next to each other with a little “preview” of each entry and accompanying pictures. Not only is this better to the eye (for me personally) but it also makes browsing so much easier and efficient!

While I can access WordPress from my Android phone I’d rather have my iPad along with me because not only can I post more easily but the website’s formatting is also more user-friendly on the iPad than on the Android. The only complaint I do have about using WordPress on the iPad is that it is kind of awkward to add pictures and video since opening a new window means opening a completely different screen.

WordPress isn’t the only website benefiting from the popularity of tablets. News sites like CNN, BBC, and Huffington Post have taken advantage of creating the best app there is out there for tablet users.

My personal favorite news app for the iPad is NPR, not only is it visually appealing, organized, and easy to use but it also connects directly to podcasts and live newscasts. While I do have the NPR app on my Android phone and it is my favorite news app for my phone, I have to plug-in headphones to listen to the podcasts and I am limited to only the most popular or most recent ones.

The recent frenzy over tablets has made me wonder if the development of tablets will soon make laptops “inferior.” With the constant development of tools and “add-ons” for tablets, it wouldn’t be surprising to me if I see more tablets used in university classes in the next ten years over laptops.

Until then, tablets will continue to make their mark in society but until then I will continue to defend my iPad to all those “haters” out there.


One thought on “Society’s tablet frenzy!

  1. I for one don’t understand the necessity of such products (ie the tablet) but, for people that I’ve seen that do have them, they prove me wrong by constantly using them to their advantage to help bolster their work… while looking flashy at the same time.


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