The end of another semester

The Spring 2011 semester is coming to a close.

Tomorrow I have the start of my finals and then it’s off into summertime. I’ve really enjoyed my time in online journalism and I’m especially grateful “having to” make a WordPress blog. This is my very first experience with WordPress and I have been quite happy with it. I’m looking forward to exploring the features and benefits of the site more during the summer when I’m stuck sitting on my bum after my [third] ACL reconstruction surgery.

So this isn’t goodbye.

I am going to try very hard to continue this blog on the influences of technology, social media, and the internet on societies because I really do want to be more engaged as well as put myself out there.

While I do love to write one of the hardest things for me to do is to continue writing something. I am constantly starting and stopping new things and I would like to continue something, and perhaps this will be my something.

There are still many subjects that I haven’t even TOUCHED on in regards to social media, technology, and the internet. If I can be an instrument in helping people learn and understand more about the advances, disadvantages, and benefits of being engaged in social media, journalism, and technology then I will gladly take that role.

For now, there will probably be a brief hiatus from this blog as I finish up my finals, attend my brother’s college graduation, move back home, and undergo surgery.

I will leave you with these thoughts though: If you want to see groundbreaking stories, accurate reporting, astonishing visuals, then you must respect those who try their best to give the public what they yearn for. When the public conveys what they want, then journalists will try to satisfy them. It is when we are reckless ourselves that we create a reckless media.


3 thoughts on “The end of another semester

  1. Thank you for your many thoughts, insights and opinions shared on your blog. You have a unique perspective and a slightly “quirky” style that I find refreshing. It is clear you don’t take yourself too seriously which translates into some fun posts. Please continue as I look forward to reading more……..


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