My Attempt at a Comeback

A friend of mine reminded me recently that I did not keep my promise in maintaining this blog after it served it’s previous purpose. Kind of embarrassing to be called out, but also incredibly helpful. Since my last post “life” has gotten in the way. I had always told myself I wouldn’t let it distract me from writing – a passion and my cheap form of therapy. I write down reminders and calendar events in my iPhone everyday and I get a bit of a “high” checking off things from my to-do list. So why don’t I make writing a “to-do” — a priority that needs to be done not only for my sanity but for practice, for developing myself, my talent?

It’s never too late to start a resolution. Or a revolution. So here’s the beginning of my attempt at a comeback!

“The going is the goal.” – Horace Kallen


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