Over 6 Months Late…

…my bad? 

I could write many reasons and excuses for why I’ve forgotten about this blog, but it wouldn’t make up for the 6 + months of no posts. So, let’s try this again.

Spring is supposed to come with March, but since I live near Chicago that means more snow is on its way! Still, Spring cleaning can be done and as I start to throw out the old and integrate the new, I’m thinking some rebranding is in order.

In the last 6 + months I’ve been promoted from news intern at WGN Radio 720 AM to fill-in morning drive news producer, then to fill-in talk show producer, then to talk show producer for Dean Richards Sunday Morning. This may will be a year since I started at WGN and a lot has happened not only to myself but to the station as well! The new FM station 87.7 FM The Game had its debut and there’s talk of more changes as the year progresses…who knows where I’ll be in another 6 + months!?

But…I’m still not satisfied. It might be because I am my own worst enemy and critic, but I never feel like I’m doing ENOUGH in putting myself out there and letting the media community and well, the world community know who Caitlin Fry is: what talents I have, why you want me on your team, and why you should be fighting to have me on your side!

So, any suggestions that the WordPress world has about tweaking this site to be more unique, eye-appealing, and kick ass – please feel free to leave your brilliant ideas in the comments section.

As for now, I’ll do my best to not let another 6+ months go by without a post, and hopefully have some witty, funny, and entertaining things to say in the near future.

Thanks for sticking with me! (I’m assuming your still reading, but I forgive you if you’ve started trolling on Pinterest or Instagram…that shit is addicting!)

Here’s an adorably cute penguin video as a reward for getting to the end:


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