Allowing myself to wallow

Each week I experience, at least once, what many call “the blues.” Yes, I live in the “greatest country on earth.” Yes, I experience white privilege on a daily basis. No, I’m not carrying around tens of thousands of student loan debt. I am healthy. I am loved. I am free. But, that doesn’t mean […]

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So Long, Midwest…Hello, Sunburn!

Welp, it’s finally done! After mailing 9 boxes at a 24-hour FedEx in Lakeview, playing the ultimate game of Tetris with my RX 330 + driving across Illinois-Iowa-Nebraska-Wyoming-Utah-Nevada in 3 days, we arrived to Cali-four-nie-yay! How Solano County compares to Cook County, thus far: There’s unexpected traffic in Solano County, but you’re surrounded by vineyards, […]

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What would ‘Big Fishy’ do?

Planes, trains and automobiles. The universe was against me as I made plans to be by the side of one of my absolute favorite people – my dying grandpa. “Big Fishy” is what I called him, and I was his “Little Fishy.” Honestly, I can’t remember exactly what moment caused these nicknames to be created, […]

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More Hats

20 and even 30-somethings are beginning to create their own jobs. Saying “screw you” to those refusing to hire them until “they pay their dues.”

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