So Long, Midwest…Hello, Sunburn!

Welp, it’s finally done!

After mailing 9 boxes at a 24-hour FedEx in Lakeview, playing the ultimate game of Tetris with my RX 330 + driving across Illinois-Iowa-Nebraska-Wyoming-Utah-Nevada in 3 days, we arrived to Cali-four-nie-yay!

How Solano County compares to Cook County, thus far:

  • There’s unexpected traffic in Solano County, but you’re surrounded by vineyards, mountains + blue skies…sitting in your car ain’t so bad with that.
  • You’re surrounded by some incredible counties: Sonoma for culinary , enthusiasts Napa for wine lovers, Marin for natural beauty, and Alameda for its diversity.
  • People are friendly, incredibly helpful, and love to connect you with friends of their second cousin’s wife’s sister’s husband’s brother if that means it’ll land you a career move, or a new couch.
  • While I will miss my Chicago pizza, dearly, Californians know how to make a MEAN burger…veggie for me, of course. 😉
  • Apparently, there have been so many lawsuits about cancerous chemicals, being, you know, everywhere, that these little beauties are constantly reminding me that I’m probably going to die of cancer. K5802
  • Despite growing up in the Midwest, I never was told to consider how I would react if a cow, sheep, or horse ended up in my path on the highway, but in the happy cow state, you gotta be on top of that shit.
  • Even in a drought, a pool is a must to survive June-September. You just don’t really clean it, or refill it unless it’s down to wadding temperatures.

Sorry, Chicago + Midwest… I’m never coming back, only as a born-again tourist.



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