What Does It Take To Be Considered a “Bite Me” Chronicle?

You’ve stumbled upon the “Bite Me” Chronicles, for whatever reason.

Now you’re trying to determine what the hell it means.

Well, its simplest intention is to be a blog. It’s more adventurous intention is to be a blog that recounts the many stupid and rude human beings and their ridiculous actions, in a manner that brings a smile to you, the reader’s, face.


Sometimes it’ll work, sometimes not.

Mais, c’est la vie.

You can up your chances of reader satisfaction by having experience in the following:

1.) Working in the service industry

2.) Being a millennial, or wish you were one (come on, you know you wanna be)

3.) Being a female, who has experienced “Aunt Flo” at least once. Bonus points for multiple occasions.

4.) Gotten road rage not only while driving a vehicle, but also walking on a sidewalk. Popularly known as “walker’s wrath.” (Don’t steal that, I just made it up. Gonna ™ that bitch!)

5.) Been a kid, then became an adult and realized it sucks.

But, let’s get real. This is going to be a lot of shit talking about some shitty humans and you’re going to eat it up!

Bon appetit! 



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